Manufacture and Sales of high precision turned parts for Automotive and Motorcycle parts etc.

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E&H E&H Precision de Mexico, S.A. de C.V

E&H Group: Japan / Thailand / India / Mexico

Business Hour: 8:45-16:45

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Company overview

Company Name E&H Precision de Mexico, S.A. de C.V
Factory Address Calle Ensambladores 113, Manzana 5, Lotes 6, 7 y 8.Col. Parque Industrial Chichimeco, Jesus María, Aguascalientes, CP.20916 México.
Nature of Business Manufacture and Sales of high precision turned parts for Automotive and Motorcycle parts etc.
TEL +52-449-153-5760
Date of Incorporation Oct. 26, 2015
Capital 40 million Mexican Pesos = About  2,100,000 USD
Shareholders Hiraoka Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)  100%
Land Area 1,899 Square meters 
Factory Area 1,638 Square meters
Employees Approximately  45 employees, including 4 Japanese staff  (4 stationed)
  • Factory ExteriorFactory Exterior
  • Lathe AreaLathe AreaLathe AreaLathe Area
  • EngineersEngineers
  • MeetingMeeting
  • Processing Processing
  • InspectingInspecting


Company overview

“Issho Kenmei”

The company is like a family brought together in a relationship of mutual trust. All members of the company shall work honestly, diligently and in good faith. The company is urgently needed by customers all around the world, and we shall secure the profits necessary to achieve continuous growth for the company, which is the foundation of our daily lives. Through these activities, we shall improve the capacity of our employees, create both material and emotional happiness for their families, and contribute to society.

Quality Policy

Understand customer requirement & provide the product that can fulfill customer satisfaction by our “high technology”,
“established system”, “Adequate training” & Implementation at “Production floor” in order to wincustomer trust.

Major Customers

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Our Group Companies

E&H Precision de Mexico, S.A. de C.V is a processing manufacturer specialized in cutting and turning primarily for Hiraoka Industries Co., Ltd. In addition to India, we supply precision parts daily for automobiles, motorcycles, household appliances, and industrial equipment in Japan, Thailand, and Mexico.

  • Hiraoka Sangyo Co.,Ltd.Hiraoka Sangyo Co.,Ltd.
  • E&H Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd.E&H Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • E&H Precision India private Limited.E&H Precision India private Limited.